Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die, Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night

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Off for another week of love at Camp Fatima of NJ. See you in a week, loves! 

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"…under all this." he flailed an arm toward the stars

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The Breakfast Club (USA, 1985)
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"Not marble, nor the gilded monuments
Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme;
But you shall shine more bright in these contents
Than unswept stone besmear’d with sluttish time.
When wasteful war shall statues overturn,
And broils root out the work of masonry,
Nor Mars his sword nor war’s quick fire shall burn
The living record of your memory.
‘Gainst death and all-oblivious enmity
Shall you pace forth; your praise shall still find room
Even in the eyes of all posterity
That wear this world out to the ending doom.
So, till the judgment that yourself arise,
You live in this, and dwell in lovers’ eyes."

—William Shakespeare, Sonnet 55 (via shivainlondon)
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These purge threats are not a joke. Please stay safe


112 people have been killed in Chicago by a group of people reenacted the purge movies.  If your city has been listed as a target; Detroit, MI (8/15) Louisville, KY (8/15), Jacksonville, FL (8/31); please stay inside and take precautions. 

Oh for the love of God tumblr. The article’s a hoax. 

The article literally says “Kanye’s lucky he was able to leave and never look back”

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"I have to say that although it broke my heart, I was, and still am, glad I was there."

—Markus Zusak, The Book Thief (via simply-quotes)
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Prayer circle that there’s no major America/Maxon arguments in the upcoming books as a plot device. I want how the casteless system works, cutesy stuff with kids, drama at court, new underground rebels, secrets and lies, Celeste to fucking come back to life, and kisses and especially more than kisses (wink)but NO MARITAL ISSUES. NONE OF THAT CRAP. 

They’re happy. I want my babies left happy. I want fluff and drama but I want them in love an together and happy

I was promised more than happily ever after and I’m taking nothing less

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maxon: I came out tonight to have a good time and I honestly am feeling so attack right now.
maxon: no like literally
maxon: there are rebels
maxon: attacking
maxon: right now

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↳ The Selection Meme:

  •  Locations (2/?)
The Palace
"I didn’t had a very good view coming up to the palace, but I noticed the wall. They were a very yellow stucco and very, very high. Guards were placed on top at either side of the wide gate that swung open as we approached. Inside we were greeted with a long gravel drive that circled a fountain and led to the front doors, where officials waited to welcome us.
With barely more than a hello, two women took me by the arms and ushered me inside.”
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Ok, Selectioners! My final and biggest announcement of the day!